Wednesday, 31 August 2011

My Book Story -'Are You Ready To Be Next Entrepeneur'

If you are aspiring and existing entrepreneur,
do read below on how you can speed proof your business with my sharing in latest book.

If you are keen to learn detail secrets to be an entrepreneur and pick my brains on how I do online business, do checkout my latest co-author book. 'Are You Ready To Be Next Entrepreneur'. For those who do not know what I do, I am a social media marketer who has done online business from 2008 (3 years ago) and achieved certain degree of success which is explained in almost 190 pages and also with 30 other entrepreneurs as well. 

The book 'Are You Ready To Be The Next Entrpeneur shares about strategy from 31 entrepreneurs on how they do business and successful in their ways. Some business are brick and mortar such as office stationery, real estate and printing and some are online business such as myself.

I am proud to be one of the them to share my story in this book. Oh, didn't I mention there is also vouchers inside the book too that you can check out for special offer.


I have put other photo gallerys of the book in my Facebook Page. You can click here to view the look and feel of the book and content snippets.

I have done live 40 minute podcast on online radio portal, at 24th August 2011, at 'Tell It Like It Is' on this book and story. 

You can listen to what I have said in the 
Durianfm podcast link here.

Some of the famous personality and friends who has subscribed to the book.

Thanks to Jamal and Chew Hoong Ling from for the interview and book photo. 

Special moments with Merry Riana, founder of Merry Riana Organization and successful entrepreneur, trainer and speaker.  
Best-Selling Author of 'A Gift From A Friend', Winner of Great Women of Our Time Award and
Winner of Singapore Spirit of Enterprise Award 

Special moments with Ning Na, Deejay of Internet Broadcast 988 Pte Ltd, 
Singapore First and Only Live Internet Radio on featuring on my book.

Here's some testimonial given by my referrals below and also on my Facebook Page, if you want to see what value I have delivered. 

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As complimentary value for buyers, I am giving 1 to 1 consultation online of application of social media marketing plan specific to your business. As mentioned in radio, I normally charge 150 USD per hour for consultation but you can get the 45 minutes 
complimentary from me if you buy the book from me.

Here's the book offer of USD 25 for delivery and shipping charges.

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My email correspondence is (

If you are based in Malaysia or Singapore, and would like to pay via online banking,do drop me email  for my bank account number. The book is in Singapore, there will be waiting period of approximate 2 weeks for packaging and shipping. 

For international market outside Singapore and Malaysia, please email me with your name and address of where you are placed for delivery purpose. 

You can email me for any enquiry on this product. Do send confirmation to same email after you have paid on Paypal with your transaction ID, your name and contact number.
So hurry, grab your opportunity now and I hope to keep in touch with you soon! 

Elton Kuah